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We believe people learn better when they are learning together. Digital content and technologies are opening up new opportunities for social learning, but students and teachers need tools that work the same no matter where they are, not different tools for different platforms. This coalition of content platforms, publishers, tool providers, schools, and other stakeholders are working towards a vision where social learning can take place anywhere in the same way regardless of technology or vendor.

In the Words of Our Members

Dan Whaley Founder & CEO, Hypothesis
Chris Sackett VP of Academic Solutions, Barnes & Noble Education
George Moore CTO, Cengage
George Kerscher Chief Innovations Officer, DAISY Consortium
Donna Shaw Director of Product Management, EBSCO
Eric Hellman President, Free Ebook Foundation
Mike Furlough Executive Director, HathiTrust
Mark Graham Director of The Wayback Machine, Internet Archive
Alex Humphreys Director, JSTOR Labs, JSTOR
Delmar Larsen CEO, LibreTexts
Wilson Tsu Founder, PowerNotes
Hugh McGuire Founder/Executive Director, Pressbooks/Rebus Foundation
Peter Brantley Director of Online Strategy, UC Davis Library
Etienne Pelaprat CTO, Unizin
Mike Hale VP Education, VitalSource
Karl Bakeman Chief Product Officer, W. W. Norton & Company